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  • G20 signed the Paris agreement on energy conservation and environmental protection industry in China and the United States

    Position posted on:2017-03-10      views:625

    On the morning of September 3rd before the G20 summit, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress approved China to join the Paris agreement on climate change (hereinafter referred to as the Paris agreement). Then, on the afternoon of September 3rd, President Xi Jinping and President Obama of the United States deposited with the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, the instruments of ratification of the Paris agreement on climate change between China and the United states. So far, the world's admin66 two economies have formally ratified the accession to the Paris agreement.

    Xi Jinping said that China is the largest developing country, and the United States is the largest developed country, and the two countries have carried out fruitful dialogue and cooperation in the field of climate change. The two countries have jointly deposited legal instruments to participate in the Paris agreement, demonstrating the ambition and determination to jointly cope with global issues. The international community should be to implement the "Paris agreement" as an opportunity to redouble their efforts to continue to strengthen and improve the system of global governance, innovation climate change path, to promote the "Paris agreement" and the full implementation of the early entry into force.

    The Paris agreement is expected to take effect on 2017

    In December 12, 2015, the United Nations Conference on climate change held in Paris, France, reached a landmark Paris agreement. The agreement pointed out that all parties will strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change, the global average temperature higher than the pre industrial level control within 2 degrees Celsius, and to control the temperature rise within 1.5 degrees Celsius efforts. Greenhouse gas emissions will peak in the world as soon as possible, and net emissions of greenhouse gases will be low in the second half of this century. According to the agreement, all parties will participate in the global climate change action with the "independent contribution" approach. Developed countries will continue to take the lead in reducing emissions, and strengthen support for the development of funds, technology and capacity-building in developing countries, helping the latter to slow down and adapt to climate change.-澳门新葡京娱乐556677pj.com

    However, the Paris agreement did not come into force immediately. Because according to the relevant provisions of the "Paris agreement" will be at least 55 of the "United Nations Framework Convention on climate change," the parties (the greenhouse gas emissions accounted for the total global emissions of at least about 55%) of the deposit of its instrument of ratification acceptance approval or accession documents on the thirtieth day after effect. The Paris agreement also needs to go through the signing ceremony and the formal entry into force, signing ceremony and approval at home.

    The United Nations Framework Convention on climate change website, as of the morning of September 3rd, there are 197 parties signed the "Paris agreement on climate change", a total of 24 parties completed the approval agreement program in the country, in the global greenhouse gas emissions accounted for 1.08%. After China and the United States formally approved the accession agreement, UNFCCC showed that a total of 26 parties completed the ratification agreement in China, accounting for 39.06% of the global greenhouse gas emissions.

    Whether it is from the number of parties or the proportion of greenhouse gas emissions, the current data from the "Paris agreement" formally entered into force is still a certain distance.-4996.com

    Deputy director of the National Committee of experts on climate change, China Tsinghua University Institute of low carbon economy, President He Jiankun pointed out, G7 group has released a statement will approve the agreement at the end of this year, Brazil also expressed during the year approved the "Paris agreement" will greatly promote the "Paris agreement" into effect as soon as possible during the year. However, because the EU member countries are more, the approval process may also be slow, and now faces the British "off Europe", is expected in early 2017, the possibility of formal accession will be relatively large. In this way, the Paris agreement is expected to come into force next year.-澳门新葡京娱乐4828.com

    Combating climate change in China to accelerate the transformation of energy structure

    In addition to the ratification of the Paris agreement, China has also taken a series of positive actions before G20. Prior to this, the central deep reorganization approved the guiding opinions on the construction of green financial system, and the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress deliberated on the draft of the environmental protection tax law. For the first time, the green finance issue was introduced into the G20 summit in Hangzhou, and a green finance research group was set up to encourage all parties to study how to mobilize more resources for green investment through green finance. In the public and private sectors, blind and inefficient fossil fuel investment is turned into low carbon investment, political commitment is achieved by enterprise behavior, and low carbon transition is forced by the market.

    Director of the national climate change strategy research and international cooperation center Li Junfeng said, in Chinese formally approved the "Paris agreement", in addition to actively promote the "Paris agreement" as soon as possible to take effect, there are still a lot of work. Li Junfeng said, "the most important thing is three points.":

    First, to promote countries to fulfil their commitments and actions before 2020 as soon as possible. For example, the developed countries should fulfill their obligations in terms of capital and technology, implement a commitment of $100 billion per year in 2020, and transfer climate friendly technologies to developing countries.

    Second, prepare for 2018 carbon emission reduction progress and long-term target gap inventory, in order to facilitate countries to develop new national independent contribution (INDC).

    Third, actively promote the transformation of domestic energy structure.

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