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  • Which of these eight lights have conquered you?

    Position posted on:2017-03-10      views:625

    Light is one of the most powerful inventions we have conquered the night. With a light, we can break the loneliness of the night. But now, our requirements for lamps is no longer a simple lighting, a creative lighting at night, it can through the lighting to create a romantic and warm atmosphere, it can also make us dull and even some cups life is not as much fun.
    1.Yuletide lamp
    Christmas is coming. Do you want to decorate your home? Designed by designer Chen Bikovski, this Yuletide lamp is a wall modeling lamp specially designed for Christmas, which looks far like the paper deer folded out of handmade paper. Hung on the bed on both sides, decor feels like the ordinary one, but as long as it opened the switch, in addition to sporadic light beige, but also reflect the elk antlers shape, like Santa rode the elk run to you.
    2.Duality lamp
    This Duality lamp is designed by designer Sotiris Tsouris, Josh Palit, Luke Pennifold and HJC design studio to adjust the brightness of the lamp. When it turns round, it's like an ordinary cylinder, but when it turns, it changes the brightness of the light with the amplitude of the rotation.-澳门新葡京娱乐713348.com

    3. handmade origami animal lamp-新葡京官方网址271111
    This is the lighting design by designer Maik Perfahl and Wolfgang combined with List in a manual paper animal model, it use 3D printing technology to produce a variety of graphics, achieve vivid graphics.

    4.Lunaire shadow wall
    This is the wall Lunaire by French designer Ferr ol Babin designed, all it can show you the solar eclipse. In fact, it consists of two concentric circles, in which the small round is equipped with the control system and the light source, while the big circle is equivalent to an anti CD, which can adjust the light emission in the small round and switch out different lighting effects.

    5.Starry Light lamp
    This Starry Light lamp is by designer Anna Farkas, it can be your bedroom to create light eerie night sky, it can let you enjoy the nature of the stars; also can let you appreciate your own love. Your bedroom has since become a small planetarium.

    6.Pendant lamp
    Designer Lefteris Tsampikakis designed this Pendant lamp design concept is relatively simple, composed of simple metal material and ordinary incandescent lamp. It looks simple, but it can make your room richer.

    7.CAP lamp
    Designer Cl udio Castro designed a called cap lamp, it looks a bit like a mushroom, a hat can be any shade, adjust the lighting angle.

    8.Recto Verso lamp
    This Recto Verso lamp is designed by designer Bina Baitel, it is like your home like a curtain can be rolled up, in fact, at first glance, a bit like IPAD shell, with shade basic functions, can be based on user demand for light intensity, can be rolled up or down.

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